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About app2take UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

We are a software development company located in Regensburg, Germany.
Back in 2012 Sebastian S. (21) and Nicolai R. (20) had the idea to develop a Game for iOS Devices.
At the beginning they only had little hope that in the end a functional application would be created. Then in 2013 after a Lot of familiarizing ourselves with programming of iOS Apps it was possible for us to publish our first App (Jungle Sprint)! Jungle Sprint was concepted as a endless runner game developed after the Jump and Run principe.
This application even reached the 14th place of the German App store charts.
The success of the game gave us the courage to try bigger projects.
We kept programming some smaller projects for while , but none of them was finished.
In the middle of 2013 the idea to develop a messenger was born!
From the start of the project we knew that this is a big task, very much expertise and a lot of time is needed.
At the beginning Sebastian S. had doubts that he will be able to develop such an application.
Then at the end of 2013 when Nicolai R. convinced him, he agreed to develop a messenger!
Together we were only able to create an iOS and Android Client so we decided to Team ourselves up with Patrick S. (19), who is responsible for the Windows Version.
This Cooperation worked very well and the app became a serious issue.
We founded the app2take u.g (haftungsbeschränkt) Company on the 22.December of 2014 to officially distribute Apps in the future!
This project will not be the last, because we have lots of other ideas we want to realize in the Future!
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Our Main task is the development of iOS applications.

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We also create Applications for Android OS.

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Our company also includes a few creative designers.

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